Distributor of Materials and Equipment and Parts Cleaning Service Provider


Neutron Technology Enterprise Pte Ltd is a distributor of materials and equipment for semiconductor, solar and LED industries.  We also provide parts cleaning services for semiconductor fab in our cleaning facility. 

Neutron Technology Enterprise was first set up in 2006 in Singapore.  Our core business was providing chemicals and consumable products to the semiconductor fabrication plants.  In 2009, to complement our product offerings, we acquired Advance Integrated Systems Pte Ltd, a parts cleaning company for semiconductor tools and equipment.

In order to streamline the operations of the two entities and better serve our customers, Neutron Technology Enterprise Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2011. 

Today, we are proud to partner with leading technology suppliers worldwide.  We have operations  in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines to serve and support our prominent customers in silicon wafer manufacturing,  wafer fabrication,  LCD, LED and solar industries.